Gordon Maniere

Research & Development Director
ABC Certified Prosthetist

Gordon was born and raised around both prosthetics and amputees.  Growing up with Bob, he was often running around his dad’s facilities as a kid. Being Bob’s son, he was put to work, and learned how and why building prosthetics for amputees was so important to the world. While serving four years in the Air Force, and deploying to Iraq as a combat medic, Gordon continued his education and eventually earned his B.A. in Biology and then his Certification in Prosthetics from Northwestern University. After working professionally in the field, it didn’t take long for him to recognize several unsolved problems for amputees today, and his passion for solving these problems has made him a U.S. patented inventor, with one granted as of 2015, and two others currently pending.  He created a separate research and development entity with Comfort Prosthetics, called Advanced Amputee Solutions; where we work to continue to solve problems for all amputees.