Levi Wayne John, Patient


Levi Wayne John had his foot amputated March 9, 2012. Levi was born with majority of his right foot bones missing and also a two degree tib/fib which left his right leg shorter than the left leg. After seeking the opinion of several pediatric orthopedic surgeons, we thought it would be best to amputate his foot rather than subject him to numerous surgeries to correct the discrepancies that may not work in the end. We were sent to Wright and Filippis in Clinton Township for his prosthetic needs. The prosthetist there said he had never done an infant before but said that he would give it his best shot, he did but obviously his attempts were not enough so we had to move on. After working with him we moved on to a different prosthetist within Wright and Filippis who has worked with infantsbefore, however, she wasa much farther drive for us. Although she is very good at what she does we constantly waited 7 months or more for Levi’s foot castings because they were made by a company out in California. The last time Levis foot was held up it was for two months over 9 ¾ inch screw! The foot we started in November of 2014 we waited over four months for a first fitting only to never finish it, we never did it because by February 2015 we had become really fed up and set out to find a new company. My uncle is an amputee and he recommended the placethat he goesto called Comfort Prosthetics and Orthotics, they had Levi up and running in a prosthetic in 72 hours and it was even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! As for Levi struggling with his prosthetic that doesn’t really happen, his bigger struggles are when he doesn’t have it. Levi walks on about a 3 inch difference between his legs which throws his back and hips out of alignment leaving him in a lot of pain. Without his foot Levi cannot play with other children like his brother and sister or go outside which isn’t a big deal to most people, however, Levi is only three and being able to play freely is a HUGE deal for him. I never want to hinder a child and tell them they can’t do something, no child should ever hear those words! Wright and Filippis stuck my son’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritualwellbeing in jeopardy by forcing him to wait for so long for a prosthetic. We are so happy with Comfort Prosthetics and Orthotics and all their hard work. We greatly appreciate what they did and how quickly they accomplished it, there are not enough words to describe how happy we are. They also made sure that Levis mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing was put back in place with the assurance he has a good chance of that never happening again.