Michigan's Only Livingskin Lab


Comfort Prosthetics is pleased to announce Michigan’s only Livingskin™ lab, located in our Mount Clemens office.

A Livingskin™ prosthesis is designed to be unnoticed. Livingskin devices are hand-crafted from high definition silicone and hand-painted to match skin tone and appearance. Livingskin designs prostheses for clients with finger, hand, arm, as well as toe and foot deficiencies. Every prosthesis is custom painted to match the features which are unique to each client. With livingskin, clients receive the most realistic, aesthetic, and functional passive restoration available.

Hand crafted from high definition silicone and hand painted to match skin tone and appearance, our Livingskin™ prostheses are very realistic. We take care to ensure that the detail of these prostheses is remarkable, introducing features such as freckles and hair.

In addition to the realistic appearance of our Livingskin™ products, it is important to remember that passive prostheses like these still have important functional capabilities. This includes actions such as pushing, pulling, stabilizing, supporting, light grasping and typing.

Pediatric solutions are now available for all Livingskin standard products of upper and lower limb silicone restorations.

Passive functional prostheses made with high definition silicone.

  • Custom sculpting & painting ensure an individualized fit
  • Mimics a realistic appearance by matching skin tone and adding freckles, hair, scars and tattoos.
  • The functional capabilities of the Livingskin prosthesis can assist in Activities of Daily Living such as pushing, pulling, stabilizing, supporting and typing.
  • Skin color and other features are added below the outer clear silicone layer to prevent fading.
  • Adjustable armatures may be fitted to allow prepositioning of each finger for specific tasks.
  • Silicone provides a versatile, durable and virtually stain-proof prosthetic option.
  • Ask us about our brand-new pediatric offering!